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Nawanyago College

Nawanyago College signNumber of pupils : 538 (295 boys & 243 girls)

School Motto: Knowledge Flourishes

“Nawanyago College (NACO) was founded in 1999 after four Directors sat to evaluate the education status in Kamuli District, and particularly looked at how poverty affects performance in the Nawanyago area.  It was hoped that an affordable school could be established to offer services to the people”.  This was written by the head master and given to HvSMF when we first visited in March 2012.

The school is under the Public – Private Partnership and offers the Universal Secondary Education (USE) services to fully reach out to the community that is extremely poor.  It is a mixed O’Level and A’Level day and boarding school that provides affordable education services to the community yet minding about quality.  At the beginning of 2020 there were 77 female boarders and 40 male.  Their ranking for O’Level is usually within the top ten, out of 100 private and government secondary schools, in the district. Two HvSMF supported primary schools feed into Nawanyago College - Wankole Primary School and Bupadhengo Primary School.

Unfortunately the Government withdrew all USE funds at the end of 2021.  These funds from the government gave to the school a cash payment per student, which subsequently paid the teachers’ wages.  This meant that good teacher would be attracted to the school and remain with the school. Withdrawing the funds sadly will have a huge impact on the school.

The school runs many clubs including:  Scripture union, entrepreneurship club, human rights, environment, health and women’s education.  It also excels in district level both male and female sporting competitions.

Sadly this is a school which still has many outstanding requests which, due to lack of funds, HvSMF was unable to donate.  We would have liked to have given 4 new teachers’ houses, close to the 2019 teachers’ facilities, in order that more teachers could have lived at the school and devoted more time to teaching the students.  Many of the classrooms were run down, plus textbooks, library and staff furniture were needed.

The headmaster Rev John Koosi speaks excellent English and knows his school thoroughly.  We wish him, his students and staff all the best for the future.

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Head Teacher

Rev John Koosi

What's been done so far?


  • Purchase of 1 acre of land


  • Construction of 8 x boys’ latrines
  • Construction of 8 x girls’ latrines
  • Construction of 2 x washrooms, I male and 1 female
  • Construction of 2.5 girls’ dormitory


  • Supply school sign
  • Supply science equipment


  • Supply science equipment
  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ latrines and 2 x teachers’ washrooms


  • Supply £1,000 science equipment
  • Provide musical instrument package


  • Supply £1000 of science equipment


  • Provide sports package


  • Provide £1,000 science equipment
  • Provide £1,500 science equipment
  • Provide 4 chairs, 4 cupboards and 4 shelves for the science laboratory

Ugandan girls' latrines

Ugandan boys' latrine

New teachers’ latrines and washrooms plus hand washing facilities

New girls' latrines

New boys’ latrines and washrooms

Science Equipment

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