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Kiira Nursery School

Number of pupils :  87    (40 boys and 47 girls)

HvSMF constructed the present nursery school in 2017, after dismantling the temporary wooden classrooms.  The numbers have grown and indeed will not be able to exceed 100, as there simply is not enough outside space for nursery school children and primary school children.

This is a thriving nursery school as promoted by the original head teacher, James Batoleire, in order to encourage the support of the community/parents and so move their children automatically up to the primary school. Immaculate has said in her report: Each child should receive porridge during the morning but not all parents are capable of providing the basic requirements for learning including feeding them. She also said “that the other challenge is the teachers wages for the nursery section, just because it is the parents that pay them and hence most of them are non compliant”.

We hope the parents continue to support this nursery school.


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Head Teacher

Immaculate Among

What's been done so far?


  • Construct 3 x classrooms
  • Provide nursery furniture package
  • Provide textbooks, teaching aids and play materials
  • Provide 30 x 3 – seater desks


  • Supply 3 x puzzle mats and 3 x grass mats

The original nursery school

Some of the desks we provided

Renovated nursery school


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