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Bupadhengo Secondary School

bupadhengo-secondary-signNumber of pupils :  1407 (692 boys & 715 girls)

School Motto :  Education is a Necessity

In 2004 Bupadhengo Secondary School was little more than a patch of land with no permanent structures. Only six students attended the school and they had their lessons under the shade of a tree. Secondary school children from the local area were walking up to 15 km each day to attend the nearest quality secondary school. The school has been transformed.  By 2019 there were over 376 students in their first year, and a staff of 38 teachers.

In 2018, the school had 223 students who had finished the first four years of secondary school and thus were entitled to sit their UCE (Certificate of Education), this is comparable to GCE O’Levels in the UK. In 2016, students who had completed 2 years in the upper secondary school, sat their UACE (Advanced Certificate of Education), this is comparable to A’levels in the UK, at the school for the first time. This is all a huge achievement. Robert Mukisa, the head teacher, has said “the only chance the children who attend my school have to lift themselves out of poverty is by getting an education”.

Improvements led to the school becoming part of the Government of Uganda’s Universal Secondary Education (USE) programme in 2007.  This provides free secondary education to all students who can attain grade “C” or above at primary level.  This partnership enables even the poorest children to gain access to a decent education.

The head teacher, Robert Mukisa, came to England in January 2009 on an exchange with a teacher from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (QEGS) in Penrith, Cumbria, England.  These schools are now twinned and we hope this will lead to further developments in Uganda.

In July 2023 the school became part of the much-coveted Government Grant Aided (GGA) scheme. Thus changing the school for ever. The government is slowly (100 schools per annum) rolling out a scheme to take over one government school in each subcounty, as recommended by the subcounty local government. Grant aid is for the provision of teachers’ wages and students’ capitation grants but does not include development of infrastructure. Thus the school still needs donations from elsewhere. The school offers O’levels and since 2016 A’levels.

This is a school that during the last 20 years has changed beyond recognition. Robert Mukisa has been head teacher throughout the transformation. Congratulations to him and long may he continue as the head.

Completed Projects Images

Head Teacher

Mr Robert Mukisa

What's been done so far?


  • Construction of 4 x classrooms and an office : 2004
  • Construction of 6 x latrines : 2004
  • Supply of 150 x desks : 2005
  • Construction of multipurpose block - staff room, 2 classrooms, storeroom and science laboratory : 2005
  • Providing the laboratory with necessary science equipment, sinks, benches, gas taps and chemicals to enable O level science practical examinations to take place : 2006
  • Supply of over 500 text books : 2006
  • Construction of 3 x teachers’ houses : 2007
  • Purchase of a plot of land and the construction of a new boys’ dormitory : 2008
  • Donation of 2 laptop computers to the school and a digital projector, enabling IT to be taught in the school for the first time : 2009


  • Construction of 2 x girls’ dormitories + matron’s room
  • Purchase of 10 x bunk beds
  • Purchase of extra land for future boys dormitory
  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ houses
  • Construction of 5 x girls’ latrines, plus washroom
  • Supply 35 x 3-seater desks
  • Supply 3 x 7,000 litre ISSB water tanks
  • A container sent from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School


  • Construction of 2 x boys’ dormitories + matron’s room
  • Construction of 8 x boys’ latrines
  • Supply 1 x 10,000 litre ISSB water tank
  • Supply of student fees
  • Supply of 1 x school sign


  • Supply of IT equipment
  • Construction of 4.5 x classrooms to include library
  • Supply of library book shelves
  • Completion of 6 x general latrines


  • Supply of 1 x 20,000 litre ISSB water tank
  • Construction of 2.5 girls’ dormitories
  • Construction of 4 x girls’ latrines
  • Construction of 1 x girls’ washroom
  • Supply of 40 x bunk beds
  • Supply of staff furniture


  • Supply of 9 x bunk beds
  • Construction of 11 x teachers’ latrines/washrooms
  • Supply of 1 x 20,000 litre ISSB water tank


  • Supply 40 x single desks
  • Supply 30 x laboratory stools
  • Supply 30 x 3-seater desks
  • Solar package in the girls’ dormitory
  • Solar package in the boys’ dormitory
  • Supply sports equipment package


  • Provide £1000 of science equipment


  • Construction of 3.5 classrooms
  • Supply 10 desk top computers, printer and ancillaries
  • Construction of 2.5 girls’ dormitory
  • Construction of 1 x girls’ washroom
  • Construction of 8 x girls’ latrines
  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ houses
  • Construction of 4 teachers’ latrines & 2 teachers’ washrooms
  • Construction of 8 x boys’ latrines
  • Construction of kitchen and store
  • Supply musical instrument package
  • Supply £1750 of science equipment
  • Supply 40 x 3-seater desks


  • Supply £1000 of science equipment


  • Construction of 1.5 boy’s dormitory
  • Construction of boys’ washroom
  • Supply of £1000 of science equipment


  • Construction of 3 x A’level classrooms
  • Provision of 80 x 3-seater desks
  • Provision of 50 x single seater desks
  • Supply of £1000 of science equipment


Second school sign

2.5 girls’ dormitory with girls’ latrines

Single seater desks, three seater desks and laboratory stools

Sports equipment package

Inside the girls’ dormitory

New Desktop Computers

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