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Bukyonza Nursery School

Bukyonza Nursery Sign

Number of pupils : 167  (70 boys & 97 girls)

Bukyonza Primary introduced a nursery class in 2007 and in less than five months there were over 60 children each day.  By February 2010, as a result of the new classrooms, the enrolment had doubled to 125 children.  This showed that the local community supports the school and the numbers continue to grow, which is all very encouraging.

Many projects have now been completed, including the addition of a fence, so that the small children are kept safe and cannot wander off. It also keeps the older children out.

The school has its own water tank, which improves hygiene, and encourages hand washing after the children have used the latrines.

In February 2024 a new head teacher arrived Violet Sanyu.  We wish her all the very best in the future and hope the school continues to grow and thrive under her leadership.

Completed Projects Images

Head Teacher

Violet Sanyu

What's been done so far?


  • Construction of 3 x classrooms
  • Construction of 1 x headteacher’s office
  • Construction of 1 x storeroom


  • Construction of 4 x nursery latrines


  • Supply of 30 x 3 seater desks
  • Supply of 1 x school sign
  • Supply of slates and chalks


  • Construction of 20,000 litre ISSB water tank
  • Renovation of 4 x nursery latrines
  • Fencing of nursery school compound
  • Supply of playground equipment
  • Supply of staff furniture package
  • Renovation of nursery school to include inside and outside painting, plus the addition of folding doors


  • Supply 3 x puzzle mats and 3 x grass mats

Latrines before

Latrines after

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