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Namwendwa Primary School

namwendwa-primary-signNumber of pupils :  525 (250 boys & 275 girls))

School Motto :  The early bird catches the worm

Founded in the 1960s, Namwendwa is one of the oldest primary schools in the district. Namwendwa's location, on the junction of two major roads and surrounded by an area of fertile agricultural land, has resulted in rapid population growth in the last decade. The school itself has grown from only 300 pupils in the 1990s to over 700 pupils in 2020. This increased enrolment put a lot of pressure on the school's resources.  As a result, during 2014 and 2019 HvSMF completed many new projects.

The school now has 12 classrooms , with an average of 76 pupils per classroom in 2020.  All the teachers now live on site which means they have more time for preparing and marking lessons.  Hopefully, following the 2019 donations, the school will be able to improve their academic results.

This is the school that Mr Samanya Godfrey, the retired head teacher at Bupadhengo Primary, went to as a boy and had his lessons under the mango trees.  The majority of the pupils feed into Namwendwa St Peter’s Secondary School and Nalango Secondary School, both supported by HvSMF.

In 2024 David Tutyo was transferred to the school and thankfully thankfully the previous head teacher retired.  Under her leadership the enrolment had dropped dramatically.  Hopefully David will be able to reverse the trend and the children will return especially since the school has received many new projects and the facilities have dramatically improved since HvSMF’s first visit in 2010.



Completed Projects Images

Head Teacher

David Tutyo

What's been done so far?


  • Supply of school sign
  • Construction of 2 x classrooms
  • Construction of 3 x teachers’ houses
  • Construction of 8 x pupil latrines
  • Supply of 60 x 3-seater desks


  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ houses
  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ latrines and 2 teachers’ washrooms
  • Construction of 8 x boys’ latrines
  • Construction of 8 x girls’ latrines
  • Renovation of 4 x classrooms
  • Supply of 100 x 3-seater desks
  • Supply of staffroom furniture
  • Supply of textbooks
  • Supply of musical instruments
  • Renovation of 4 x classrooms including hall
  • Supply of 1 x 20,000 litre ISSB water tank


  • Construction of 1.5 girls’ dormitory to include matron’s room
  • Construction of 1.5 boys’ dormitory to include matron’s room
  • Provision of 2 x lighting package in new dorms
  • Construction of 2 x washrooms, male and female
  • Renovate 6 x girls’ latrines
  • Renovate 5 x boys’ latrines
  • Provide 30 x metal bunk beds
  • Provision of textbooks
  • Provision of lights for P6 and P7 classrooms
  • Construction of 3 x teachers’ houses
  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ houses
  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ latrines and 2 teachers’ washrooms
  • Renovation of block of 5 classrooms
  • Provision of library furniture package
  • Provision of sports equipment package
  • Construction of borehole


  • Provision of 12 lockable cupboards and 6 x bookshelves


  • Provide Play Action International Playground


Ugandan classroom

Ugandan teacher’s house

Ugandan boys’ latrines


Renovated classrooms

HvSMF 4 x teachers’ houses

HvSMF boys’ latrines

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