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Busesa Primary School

Busesa_primary_signNumber of pupils : 2290 (1133 boys & 1157 girls)

School Motto: Today’s Action Brings Tomorrow’s Success

Mission: To Provide Quality Education for All

Busesa is a government aided mixed primary school, founded by the Church of Uganda in 1934. The school is located in south east Uganda, 11 kms east of Iganga, near the village of Busesa.  The area is green and fertile with many banana plantations.

The school has grown considerably between 2014, when there were 962 pupils to 2019, where there are 2290 pupils, plus a nursery school with 204 pupils. There are 37 highly qualified teachers, with 20 living at the school. If teachers’ accommodation and hygiene facilities are provided, the school is more likely to be able to recruit and retain excellent staff. Also, at this school, there are 281 girl boarders and 73 boy boarders so it is essential to have teachers living at the school in order to provide the necessary care and support of the children.

In March 2012, George Tigawalana, the head master, left the school and was promoted to the post of Senior Inspector of Schools – Iganga District. Thus he was able to continue assisting HvSMF in our 3 Iganga district primary schools. Part of Iganga District become Bugweri District in July 2018 and George was promoted to District Education Officer (DEO). St Michael Girls’ Primary, St Mulumba Namunyumya Mixed Primary and Busesa Primary are all now within Bugweri District.

The present head mistress is his wife, Rose Moiti. Rose was acknowledged in 2013 as within the top 100 best primary school head teachers in the country, and the best in Iganga District. The standard of education at the school is exceptionally high and their end of year results are excellent. The schools primary leaving exam results are always within the top 10 in the district. As a result of this, and our support with new and improved buildings, the enrolment has increased phenomenally. The school has the highest enrolment in the district and it is the largest school supported by HvSMF.

The school is all inclusive and presently has 8 children who are deaf. The teachers have adopted sign language through workshops and the unit is developing. Rose has said: “What these children need is a language to communicate and vocational skills to earn a living after school”. We would like to be able to assist with a special room/area for these children.

Each year we run music and environment competitions. Busesa always prepares and performs well and are normally top. In 2017 they were 2nd at the Regional Music competition. HvSMF’s donation of musical instruments has hugely assisted them. Rose has said “we are a national choir – thank you”.

In 2019 the New Vision Newspaper voted Rose one of the best teachers for running a school in Uganda.  She is exceptional.  Her beliefs are:

  • Team work is the key to success
  • Discipline and hard work pays
  • Tomorrow is another day
  • Give a child an all-round education – this school shines musically

In October 2022 New Vision flew her and other head teachers to Dublin to study the education in Ireland. She toured Dublin City, Limerick city, the cliffs of mother, saw the Atlantic ocean and various shopping centres. She stayed in 3 large hotels, attended various workshops and visited various primary and secondary schools. It was a once in a life time opportunity and a richly deserved award. Congratulations to Rose.

Completed Projects Images

Head Teacher

Rose Moiti


What's been done so far?


  • Renovation of 2 x classrooms, including an assembly hall
  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ houses
  • Supply of 1 x school sign


  • Supply of 50 x 3-seater desks


  • Supply of musical instruments
  • Supply of 34 x 3-seater desks


  • Construction of 2.5 x classrooms, to include two offices
  • Renovation of 3 x classrooms
  • Construction of 20 x girls’ latrines
  • Construction of 8 x teachers’ houses
  • Construction of 6 x teachers’ latrines/washrooms
  • Construction of 8 x boys’ latrines
  • Supply of textbooks
  • Renovation/extension of library & 2 x offices, including head teacher’s office
  • Supply of staff furniture
  • Supply of 50 x 3-seater desks
  • Supply 15 x metal bunk beds
  • Construction of borehole


  • Supply 9 x 3-seater desks


  • Supply 100 x 3-seater desks
  • Supply sports equipment package
  • Supply an East African Playground


  • Renovate kitchen and two teacher bedrooms


  • Construction of 3 classrooms to include one large assembly hall
  • Renovation of 4 classrooms
  • Supply of 71 x 3-seater desks
  • Renovation of boys’ dormitory
  • Renovation of girls’ dormitory
  • Construction of 4 teachers’ latrines and 2 washrooms
  • Construction of 8 x boys’ latrines
  • Construction of 2 x boys’ washrooms
  • Renovation of 2.5 classrooms and office for student counselling


  • Supply 105 x 3-seater desks


  • Construct 3 x classrooms
  • Renovate 2 x classrooms
  • Provide 1 x musical package
  • Provide 72 x 3-seater desks


  • Provide 12 x 3-seater desks


3 old classrooms

Original teachers’ house


3 renovated classrooms

Block of 5 teachers’ houses

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