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3-seater desks

Makoka Primary School

Number of pupils :  742 (388 boys & 354 girls)

School Motto : We Strive to Achieve

School Mission: To produce literate and self-reliant citizens

The Vision: Academic excellence and vocational knowledge

Makoka Primary School is a Church of Uganda founded school which started as a sub-grade school in the early 1940s. It became a government aided primary school in 1988 and was first visited by HvSMF on the 14th March 2012, when there were 582 pupils. The school is situated on a 10 acre site and feeds into Nalango Secondary School, only 3kms away.

The school attaches great importance to games and sports. Pupils are encouraged to participate in athletics, music, dance and drama. In 2012 there were no teachers’ houses so the school was unable to recruit and retain high quality teachers. They had poor and too few classrooms. There was no staffroom, office or library. Latrines were insufficient and in a dreadful condition with very poor washing facilities. The children had to walk and collect water from the nearest bore hole, which meant they were spending less time in the classroom.

We visited again in 2019 when the present head teacher was transferred there and the enrolment was 673 pupils. This enrolment figure shows that even though school has poor facilities, the community is very supportive. During 2021-2023 HvSMF provided many projects in order to improve all facilites. The school now has its own supply of clean water, there are single sex latrines and washing areas, plus we donated a Play Action Playground to help the children develop through play. Each year now has its own classroom and thus we hope the academic results will improve.

Edith Mugala is married to Godfrey Samanya, the Charity Ambassador, thus when needing assistance she can always rely on him and draw on his great experience. We wish the school all the very best in the future.


Completed Projects Images

Head Teacher

Edith Mugala

What's been done so far?


  • Construct 3 classroom block to include 2 classrooms, 2 offices and staffroom
  • Provide 2 x solar packages to the above
  • Provide staffroom furniture
  • Provide 100 x 3-seater desks
  • Construct 4 x teachers’ houses
  • Construct 4 x teachers’ latrines and 2 x teachers’ washrooms
  • Renovate 3 x girls’ latrines and 2 teachers’ latrines
  • Provide school sign


  • Construct a bore hole
  • Construct 1 x boys’ and 1 x girls’ washroom
  • Construct 8 x boys’ latrines
  • Construct 8 x girls’ latrines
  • Renovate girls’ and boys’ urinals all to be boys
  • Renovate 2 x teachers’ washrooms
  • Renovate kitchen
  • Provide musical instrument package
  • Provide sports equipment package
  • Provide £1000 textbooks


  • Provide East African Playground, now called Play Action International
  • Provide 8 x 3-seater desks
  • Provide staff furniture package plus extra cupboards and shelves



Makoka Classrooms (no hall) with offices and staffroom - floor plan

Children enjoying the new borehole

Children enjoying the new playground

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