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Busuuli Nursery School

Number of pupils :  87 (43 boys & 44 girls)

Nursery education in Uganda has been neglected.  In 2016 the Ugandan Government stated that the development of nursery education was a national priority, but they have donated very limited sums in order to actually construct nursery schools.

During 2019 we have been able to provide three new purpose built nursery schools.  Busuuli primary school has benefitted from one of these nursery schools, as until the new 3.5 building was constructed, the nursery children were occupying one of their classrooms and their staffroom.

Since 2019 the numbers have increased from 51 to 87 which is excellent since nursery education has to be paid for by the parents.  There are two qualified teachers and the school is very well supported by the local community and thus hopefully the numbers will continue to increase.

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Head Teacher

Rebecca Kasuswa

What's been done so far?


  • Construction of 3.5 nursery classrooms + offices
  • Construction of 4 x nursery latrines
  • Supply 30 x 3-seater desks
  • Staff furniture package
  • Supply textbooks, teaching aids and balls
  • Supply playground equipment
  • Supply fence
  • Supply school sign
  • Supply 3 x puzzle mats and 3 x grass mats

Nursery School Classrooms - floor plan

Nursery School Classrooms- 3D

Nursury school latrines - front view

Classroom 2 with desks

Nursery school classrooom block

Nursery school classrooom block

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