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Nalinaibi Primary School

Number of pupils :  697  (339 boys & 358 girls)

School Motto :  Knowledge is Wealth

School Mission:  To produce literate, productive and God fearing citizens

This is a church-founded school in need of support and I feel sure that if we were able to help this would have a big impact in the community. The enrolment is strong although the catchment area is poor.  Examination performances were below standard last year, possibly, as a result of a shortage of teachers and a change of head teacher.

There are 13 teachers but they are frequently late, especially when it rains, as they have to walk long distances to the school.  There are many classrooms, all having been built by the community with help from the government.  They are all basic and unfinished, very dusty and need plastering; the floors need cementing, etc.

This is a school that desperately needed our help to bring the facilities up to an acceptable standard, sadly we did not have sufficient funds in order to assist further.  Fatuma has been head teacher at the school since July 2017 and we hope that under her excellent leadership that the enrollment will continue to increase and the academic results continue to rise.

Completed Projects Images

Head Teacher

Fatuma Nabonge

Claire saying goodbye to Nalinaibi NS and PS Feb 2024

What's been done so far?


  • Supply of school sign


  • Renovation of 8 classrooms
  • Construction of 8 x girls’ latrines
  • Construction of 3 teachers’ latrines and 2 teachers’ washrooms
  • Renovation of 1 x teacher’s house
  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ houses
  • Provision of 45 x 3-seater desks


  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ houses
  • Supply of textbooks
  • Supply of 3 x solar panels
  • Provision  of 40 x 3-seater desks
  • Supply of musical instruments


  • Supply of sports equipment
  • Provision of staff furniture package


  • Bore Hole


  • Textbooks
  • Provision of East African Playground


Original teachers’ houses

Original teachers’ latrines and washroom

Original Girls’ latrines


New teachers’ houses

New teachers’ latrines and washroom

New Girls’ latrines

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