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Bugulumbya Primary School

Bugulumbya Primary signNumber of pupils : 1690 (852 boys & 838 girls)

School Motto : Education is Power

This is a large school which started in 1924 under the Church of Uganda. It later became Government aided in 1948. The Government constructed two classroom blocks in 1955 and a third block in 2003.

Since then the school has received no outside assistance. It has a management committee which is very co-operative and has managed to sustain this rural based primary school up to date. The parents managed to construct a 4 classroom block in 1987 and a 6 classroom block in 1998.

Neither were of a high standard. They were all in a very poor state of repair, no cement on the floors, no plaster on the walls, no windows, no doors, blackboards that are full of holes. All very depressing

Teachers’ houses were a problem, there being 3 blocks of 2 houses, that were seriously dilapidated. There was also a lack of working latrines. This school was desperate for assistance.

All this has changed as a result of construction and renovation projects by HvSMF. The school is now thriving with a very active SMC and PTA, plus the support of the community.

Completed Projects Images

Head Teacher

Moses Mawalo

What's been done so far?


  • Renovation of 6 classroom block
  • Construction of 8 x girls’ latrines
  • Construction of 8 x boys’ latrines
  • Supply of 1 x school sign
  • Supply of 40 x 3 seater desks


  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ houses
  • Construction of 6 x teachers’ latrines/washrooms


  • Renovation of 7 x classrooms
  • Renovation of 2 x teachers’ houses
  • Supply of 50 x desks
  • Supply of 2 x text books
  • Supply of musical instruments


  • Construction of bore hole
  • Construction of 1.5 boys’ dorm and girls’ dorm
  • Construction of boys’ washroom and girls’ washroom
  • Construction of 16 girls’ latrines
  • Construction of 2 classrooms
  • Renovation of 2 classrooms
  • Renovation of 5 x boys’ latrines
  • Renovation of 2 x 2 blocks of 2 teachers’ houses
  • Construction of new kitchen and store
  • Provision of 1 x staff furniture package
  • Provision of 150 x 3-seater desks
  • Provision of 50 x bunk beds
  • Provision of 2 x solar panel packages
  • Provision of sports equipment package
  • Provision of textbooks - £2,000


  • Renovation of 2 x teachers’ houses
  • Construction of single girls’ dorm added to 1.5 block
  • Provision of 20 x bunk beds


Ugandan teachers’ latrines

2 x Ugandan teachers’ houses

4 classrooms


4 x teachers’ latrines and 2 x teachers’ washrooms

4 x new HvSMF teachers’ houses plus 2 x renovated teachers’ houses

4 classrooms after renovation

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