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Namavundu Nursery School

namavundu-nursery-signNumber of pupils :  123 (61 boys & 62 girls)

School Motto :  The fear of the Lord is wisdom

School Mission: To promote morally upright pupils with basic education.

The Ugandan government built a basic nursery school in Namavundu in the mid 1990s. The building was the shell of two classrooms with no doors, windows, floors or plaster on the walls.  There was not even a blackboard.  Soon after it opened the school closed as parents refused to send their children to a school in such poor condition.  For almost 15 years there was no nursery school in Namavundu.

In 2008 we were able to refurbish the building, putting in floors, windows, doors and blackboards, as well as plastering and painting the walls.  In 2015 we renovated the building and added a third classroom plus offices.  There are now two qualified teachers and one assistant in training.

All 123 children at the nursery school are receiving porridge every day and hopefully they are receiving a good start to their educational life too. We hope the school continues to be supported by the parents, who unfortunately have to pay for the teachers, as this is not covered by the Ugandan government, and thus many children drop out.

Completed Projects Images

Head Teacher

Esther Ochola

What's been done so far?


  • Renovation of 2 x classrooms


  • Supply of 20 x nursery desks


  • Supply of school sign


  • Renovation of 2 x classrooms
  • Construction of 1.5 x classrooms
  • Supply of fencing
  • Construction of 4 x latrines


  • Supply of playground
  • Supply of staff furniture package
  • Supply 20 x 3-seater desks


  • Supply 3 x puzzle mats and 3 x grass mats


original 2 x classrooms

Typical Ugandan Latrines


New 3.5 classroom block

New latrines

New playground

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