St Stephen Nawanyago Primary School

St Stephen Nawanyago Primary School is an excellent example of a school that has increased its enrolment and produced promising academic results as a result of our original investment in various buildings.  We have not assisted this school since 2012 and feel that now is the time to support it again, as soon as funds become available.

Presently they have 24 teachers and only 8 of these live at the school.  We would propose building an extra three houses and an extra washroom on the small site that we purchased in 2010, over the road from the main site.  For this we would need approximately £8.000. 

Their pupil latrines are few, very poor and unhygienic.  On the main site we would like to renovate all the existing 13 latrines, including a washroom, and make the area for boys only.  We would then like to construct 16 new girls’ latrines and a washroom away from the boys (see picture right for an example of 8 built in Bussuli Primary.)  The total cost for this would be £10,250.

The school is very short of classrooms, it only has 9, with one being used as the staffroom.  The average class size is 127 pupils.  We would like to construct an extra 2 classrooms, plus a staffroom, this will effectively create 3 new rooms.  Total cost is £9,300.

All of our schools would really appreciate a bore hole, as the lack of water for cooking, hygiene, clothes washing, crop growing is a serious problem.  They either have to pay someone to fetch water, money they don’t have, or the pupils fetch water when they should be doing their school work. A water tank is a cheaper solution but only solves the problem for a short time.  To construct a bore hole is approximately £5,000 and to provide a 20,000 litre water tank is £1,250.

The school is short of all equipment which inhibits teaching and development. As with all Ugandan schools it is desperately short of curriculum textbooks, (£2,000 minimum needed).  It has very few desks with about 500 children attending lessons sitting on the floor.  £3,000 would provide 150 x 3-seater desks.  They would also like to compete in inter-school competitions and would love to receive a sports package and a musical instrument package.

This school has excellent leaving exam results and, having not supported the school since 2012, we are looking forward to working with it again in the very near future to hopefully improve the results even further.


Head Teacher:  Mr Moses Aliza

Number of pupils June 2015:  1270