St. Stephen Nawanyago Primary School

This is a typical rural primary school.  In 2007 St Stephen had only four classrooms. The remaining children had their lessons in a makeshift mud structure.  We completed a new four classroom block, plus desks, in January 2008, ready for the beginning of the school year.  In October 2008 a student achieved grades that placed him in the top two of all primary leavers in the Kamuli district.  This is proof that investment in new classrooms can have an immediate and striking result.

Completed projects have included:

  • Construction of a 4 classroom block - 2008
  • Provision of 80 x 3 seater desks - 2008
  • Construction of 3 new teachers’ houses - 2009
  • Construction of a shared 50,000 litre water tank - 2009
  • Construction of a 2 classroom block - 2009
  • Provision of 90 x 3 seater desks - 2009
  • Provision of textbooks worth £415 - 2010
  • Purchased some extra land - 2010
  • Renovation of 4 teachers’ houses - 2011
  • Construction of 3 teachers’ latrines and 1 washroom - 2011

In 2007 Jeff Bardsley raised the money to build one of the classrooms with a charity golf match.  Sadly, he died in May 2008.   The collection at his funeral was generously donated to Henry’s Fund and was used to build 3 teachers’ houses and a water tank.  Previously there was no accommodation for teachers at the school, which is essential for retaining good staff.  We are very grateful to the Bardsley family for their donation.

Water has always been a problem for the school.  Although there is a bore hole in the village of Nawanyago,  the school and the entire community rely upon it for their water, which means that it dries up for much of the year.  This forces children, attending the school, to walk up to 2km in order to fetch water.  The new 50,000 litre water tank, Busoga Trust and us have provided for the school will harvest sufficient water from the roof of the new classroom block in the rainy season.  Thus children will no longer need to walk for water, instead of attending their classes.

In 2009 we were also able to build two additional classrooms at the school.  This was thanks to a partnership with the German Embassy in Uganda, who generously contributed funds towards this project.  We are grateful to Alexander Muhlen, the German ambassador to Uganda, and The Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga MP, Deputy Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, whose hard work helped us secure the funding which made this project possible.

We are grateful to The National Federation of Retail Newsagents, NFRN, London District and the Marr Manning Trust for their generous donations which enable us to provide the school with 90 desks for these new classrooms.

In March 2009 the head teacher, Mr Moses Aliza, said “We are very grateful to the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund for all of the support they have given to us in the last two years.  We now have the infrastructure we need to deliver good quality education to our children. May God bless all of the donors who have supported our school”.

In 2010 we were able to purchase some much needed extra land and, when we visited in March 2010, once again Mr Moses Aliza said “We are pleased to report to you that the facilities you donated to the school have helped us to achieve a number of successes. The favourable teaching and learning environment have enabled us to uplift the academic standard in the school.  The school had its best performance in the Primary Leaving Exams since the school was started in 1990 and I am sure these results are attributed to the good environment created by you, our friends”.

On the newly purchased land we renovated 4 houses, provided 3 latrines and a washroom, for the teachers.  Now 7 teachers can reside at the school which means more time can be spent preparing lessons and marking work.

The school continues to expand and perform well in the Primary Leaving Exams sat each November.  Therefore once funds are available, this is a school that we look forward to working with again soon.


Head Teacher:  Mr Moses Aliza

Number of pupils June 2015:  1270