Past Events

In October, Ceri Davies, headmaster of Orley Farm School in Middlesex set out to raise money for Henry’s charity. This was particularly special for us because Ceri and his wife, Philippa, had taught Henry at Harrow and coached him at tennis. From the start, the fundraising ideas mushroomed, from a quiz night to a bicycle ride, cake sale, mufti day and, in December, 14 pupils and 2 teachers climbed to the 5000m summit of Mount Kenya for the charity.

The quiz night raised a magnificent £3,000, culminating in a heart warming presentation about the memorial fund by Ceri Davies, as well as his fond memories of Henry’s school days at Harrow.

On 7th November, 11 year old Orley Farm pupil, Alex Clarke, accompanied by father, Andy, Ceri Davies and Mark Ludlow, bicycled from the school to Ludgrove, where Henry was a prep school boy. The 39 mile journey took 4 hours and was a brilliant achievement for the men, let alone Alex. He raised £1,000 from friends and relatives and we congratulate Alex and his fellow cyclists.

The total raised by all the fundraising events was the magnificent sum of £18.000, far beyond what was expected when Ceri started the project.  We are so grateful.
(Presentation photograph of Alex and Claire with the boys that climbed to the summit – Harrow Observer)

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