St Mary’s Nawanyago Primary School

School motto:  Education for Progress

This is a school that we would very much like to assist.  The new head teacher arrived in February 2013 and is keen to receive our assistance.  The main priorities are to repair the storm damage of December 2012, where some of the old buildings’ roofs were blown off, and to provide on site teachers’ accommodation.

There is a severe shortage of teachers’ accommodation, plus latrines and washing facilities, for the 26 teachers.  At present the head teacher travels an hour morning and night, time that would be much more beneficial if spent at the school.  There is a head teacher’s house but that needs demolishing, along with several others also in a bad state.   Ideally we would like to construct 4/5 new teachers’ houses at a cost of £8,000.
We would also like to renovate a classroom block that consists of the staffroom, the girls’ dorm and a classroom.  As you can see the roof was blown off in December 2012.  See photo above right.  This will cost £4,500 to renovate.

The second block that urgently requires assistance contains an office, a store, boys’ dorm and a classroom.  It is attached to the main school block, which was unaffected by the storm.  See photo to the right.  This will cost £5,250.

Next, we want to construct 8 new girls’ latrines, along with 4 teachers’ latrines and 2 teachers’ washrooms.  (see photo below right depicting current poor washing facilities).  The total cost will be £4,000.  Should funds be available we would also like to donate 8 x boys’ latrines.

This school also suffers from a lack of its own permanent water source.  So, if funds were to become available, we would like to be able to provide 2 new 20,000 litre ISSB water tanks.  This would enable the plentiful rainwater to be collected, instead of disappearing into the ground.  Cost £2,800.

Textbooks are also needed. All will be Ugandan government approved and relate to the Ugandan national curriculum. Cost £2,000

The school needs 70 desks for approx 250 children.  One desk, costing £20, would provide a seat for three children, who would otherwise sit on the floor.  Total cost £1,400.  For their boarders they also need bunk beds, we provide metal bunk beds @ £38 each.  Wooden ones are a fire risk and contain bugs.

Thus this school needs a lot of assistance.  We are very keen to support them and hope to be able to find some funds during 2013.   


Head Teacher:  Mrs Annette Namugaya

Number of Pupils in March 2013:  1029 pupils