Namwendwa Primary School

School motto:  The early bird catches the worm

Founded in the 1960s, Namwendwa is one of the oldest primary schools in the district. Namwendwa's location, on the junction of two major roads and surrounded by an area of fertile agricultural land, has resulted in rapid population growth in the last decade. The school itself has grown from only 300 pupils in the 1990s to over 1300 pupils today. This rapid growth has put a lot of pressure on the school's resources and there is an urgent need for additional classrooms and teachers’ houses to cope with this increase.

Recently, because of the good co-operation that exists between the school and the community, they have been able to build a new four classroom block.  In total they have 10 classrooms for 1324 children. Therefore there are over 100 pupils in each class. This is too many so we hope that soon we can give them some new classrooms.

The school has 23 teachers and only 3 of these live at the school.  Thus we plan to provide more teachers’ accommodation as soon as possible.

Again, because of the high pupil enrolment, there is also a need for extra latrines.  At present they have 10 stanzas – that is over 100 people to one stanza.  At break time this causes severe congestion.

We look forward to assisting this school in the near future.  It is, in fact, the school that Mr Samanya Godfrey, the head teacher at Bupadhengo Primary, went to as a boy and had his lessons under the mango trees,  that you can see in the picture on the right.


Head Teacher:  Mr Samuel Geema

Number of Pupils in March 2010:  1324