St Peter's Namwendwa Secondary School

School motto:  Discipline and Hard Work

St Peter's Secondary School benefits from a 55 acre site, on the edge of Namwendwa village. Although founded 10 years ago, as the only government funded secondary school in this densely populated area, the school has quickly grown and has over 850 pupils. Examination results have been very strong over the past three years with a good number of pupils achieving the highest grades. Mr Alex Waikukulu, the headmaster, joined the school in February 2009.  He is a dynamic leader and hopes to improve the school, building on its academic standards already achieved.

Past projects include:

  • Completion of girls dormitory, phase 1 – February 2011

The building of the girls’dormitories was started by the parents and the community.  See picture on the right. Dormitories are important, as many of the pupils walk or bicycle to and from school using up valuable time that could be spent studying.   Also, it is not ideal for the girls to be walking or bicycling in the dark.  It would be much safer to have them sleeping at the school.  Each dormitory is 50’ long by 29’ wide and has a matron’s room and storeroom for washing bowls etc, at one end, which you can see in the picture. Each dormitory will be able to accommodate up to 100 girls sleeping in bunk beds.  This is larger than we normally build, but we did not lay the foundations and it would be a waste of the community’s huge effort and expense not to complete both in due course.

We are very grateful for a donation from Ruth Smither, which has enabled us to complete one of the dormitories.  Since opening in February 2011 there are already 100 boarders and they now need bunks beds.

Head Teacher:  Mr Alex Waikukulu

Number of Pupils in March 2010: 850