St Peter's Namwendwa Secondary School

School motto:  Discipline and Hard Work

Having completed the first girls’ dormitory we are pleased to be able to announce that thanks to a German Charity:  BILD hilft e. V. "Ein Herz für Kinder”, we will be able to start work on the second dormitory early in 2012.  We are extremely grateful to them.

We will also be able to construct two new classrooms to replace the present classrooms pictured on the right.  When it rains, or is very windy, this structure provides little shelter. We are hoping for some extra funding in order to be able to provide some desks as well.

The parents and the community have started to construct 4 teachers’ houses and now need some assistance to complete them.  See picture on the right. A further 4 new houses need to be built.   The teachers will also need new latrines and a washroom. We hope to be in a position to start work during 2012.

The school lacks a water supply, so we hope to be in a position to provide 2 x 10,000 litre water tanks in the near future. The school has scarce teaching aids and very little science equipment needed for 0 level examinations.  It also lacks textbooks.   Hopefully we shall be able to assist, subject to funding.

Head Teacher:  Mr Alex Waikukulu

Number of Pupils in March 2010: 850