Namavundu Nursery School

School Motto:  The fear of the Lord is wisdom

School Mission: To promote morally upright pupils with basic education.

Since the arrival of Christopher Baleero in June 2012 we have been waiting to ensure that the community, parents and pupils are going to support him.  We now feel that the time has arrived to give this nursery school a face lift.

If funds were to become available we would like to renovate the two nursery classrooms as the roof, verandas, doors windows, floors and chalk boards all need attention.  We would also like to donate 4 nursery latrines, a 20,000 litre water tank, some playground equipment and a fence around the entire complex, so that the nursery children do not get bullied by the older primary school children.  They are also short of desks, textbooks, slates and chalks.  Approximate £7,000 would make this nursery school attractive to parents and children alike. 

We would hope to support during 2014.

Head Teacher:  Mr Christopher Baleero

Number of Pupils in March 2014:  58