Namavundu Nursery School

School Motto:  The fear of the Lord is wisdom

School Mission: To promote morally upright pupils with basic education.

The Ugandan government built a basic nursery school in Namavundu in the mid 1990s. The building was the shell of two classrooms with no doors, windows, floors or plaster on the walls.  There was not even a blackboard.  Soon after it opened the school closed as parents refused to send their children to a school in such poor condition.  For almost 15 years there was no nursery school in Namavundu. 

In 2008 thanks to donation from The Jephcott Charitable Trust we were able to refurbish the building, putting in floors, windows, doors and blackboards, as well as plastering and painting the walls.  The nursery school re-opened in January 2009 with an enrolment of over 60 children.

Completed projects have included:

  • 2 classrooms renovated – 2008
  • 20 nursery desks - 2009

In June 2009 HvSMF organised an enjoyable evening at the London Palladium to see Sister Act and thanks to a donation by accountants CW Fellowes, , we were able to supply 20 desks, each for three children, for the nursery class.  Up until then, the majority of the 60 children, who attended this nursery school were sitting on the classroom floor. We are most grateful to C W Fellowes for their donation.

In June 2012 Mr Christopher Baleero took over as headmaster and we wish him success.  The community, parents and school management committee are supporting him and so we are now looking forward to supporting this school again.

Head Teacher:  Mr Christopher Baleero

Number of Pupils in March 2014: 58