Namavundu Primary School

School Motto:  The fear of the Lord is wisdom

School Mission: To promote morally upright pupils with basic education.

This is a school that thanks to The Jephcott Charitable Trust was transformed during the period 2006-2008.  In 2012 there was a change of head teacher and we have been waiting to ensure that he has the support of the local community, SMC and PTA before donating extra funds to the school.  The school enrolment has increased and their results during the past two years have been very good.  We now believe that it is the right time to give the school further support.

They need 4 x new teachers’ houses as, at present, only 6 out of the 10 government teachers live at the school, which means that the school is having to pay rent for the other teachers to live locally, or they are walking many kilometers to and from school, which is time wasted and also when it rains they stay at home.  The present 2 x teachers’ latrines require renovation at a cost of £750 and, ideally, we would like to provide 4 x new teachers’ latrines and 2 x new teachers’ washrooms – cost £1,500.

At present all of the pupils are sharing latrines.  Thus we would like to provide 8 x new girls’ latrines, so that the present 8 latrines can be kept for the boys only, This is what the district education officer has requested.

There is a shortage of desks which means that about 150 children are learning their lessons sitting on the dusty floor.  50 x 3-seater desks, at a cost of £1,000, would solve this problem.

We would also like to give the school their own bore hole. At present the school pays 300 shillings (7p) for 20 litres of water which is money that they do not have. On some occasions, when someone from the school goes to the bore hole, they cannot get access to the water. They would also benefit from a water tank attached to the new teachers’ houses, near their latrines and washrooms.  They would then have easy access to water for clothes washing, hand washing, drinking and cooking which would encourage good teachers to stay at the school.

Their present kitchen is basic, but does contain two eco friendly stoves.  This means that less wood is burnt during the cooking of the porridge, pocho and beans.  About £1,000 would renovate this building and add a lock up store for the timber for the fire, which will otherwise be stolen.

There are no desks or chairs in the classrooms for the teachers’ and no cupboards for storing textbooks - £500 would provide these.  As always the school is very short of text books as the Ugandan government is constantly changing the curriculum but not providing the new textbooks.  They would also benefit from having solar panels so that the last two years can study in the evenings in preparation for their leaving exams.  Lastly a musical instrument package is always popular.

£20,000 would turn this school from a good school to a very good school, something that this very poor area desperately needs.  Most of the children leaving the primary school progress to Kifuyo Secondary School which is also supported by HvSMF.


Head Teacher:  Mr Christopher Baleero

Number of Pupils in July 2014:  643