Nalango Secondary School

School Motto: As we struggle for the future

There are further “challenges / requests” facing this growing and developing school, but the Gauntlett family are determined to help. During 2014 a team of intrepid family and friends will be pedalling from Prague to Petworth in order to raise funds for Rob Gauntlett’s school.  Should you wish to donate more, find out more, or contact the team, further details can be found

We are hoping that they will raise sufficient funds so that we can provide 2 more classrooms, a second boys’ and girls’ dormitory, 8 boys’ latrines, 2 x 20,000 litre ISSB water tanks, 50 3-seater desks, further laboratory equipment and textbooks, plus a musical and sports package to encourage a “rounded” student.  See photos to the right.

In Paul’s recent report he has said that “as staff we aim at academic excellence – this is our target. The school has been active in games and sports, even competing in district competitions, coming second in girls’ football and boys’ hand ball. The parents contribute towards a mid-day meal for the students and staff, which greatly helps to keep everyone happy and healthy, plus contribute towards the academic success of the school”.

The school now has 17 teachers and more students applying to enrol.   We look forward to continuing our support for this very successful school.

Head Teacher:  Mr Paul Kasadha

Number of pupils in April 2014: 635