St Mulumba Primary School - Kamuli

School Motto: Nothing Stops God’s Will

Having completed various projects at this school in 2012 we now feel that it is the right time to continue our support.

The school’s main challenge is the shortage of teacher accommodation.  It has 4 houses for 8 teachers which means that half the staff will probably be late arriving at the school and, if it rains, might easily not arrive at all.  To construct 4 teachers’ houses will cost £7,500.

We would also like to construct 8 new boys’ latrines.  Currently the school has 5 boys’ latrines, but these are old, over-flowing, unhygienic and a health risk.  The cost would be £2,500.

We would like to renovate the original government 2 classroom building and add a staffroom on one end.  These two classrooms will then be of the same standard as the other 5 that we renovated in 2012.  We would need to include some desks and tables for the teachers, as well as shelves and cupboard for £500.  We would also like to donate 40 x 3-seater desks as. at present, over 100 children are taking their lessons sitting on the ground which is not conducive to learning.

The children have very few curriculum text books, which hinders the childrens’ learning abilities. We wish to supply more: (Pictured text books at Busuuli Primary)

 A sporting and musical instrument package would wider their education as then they can compete in inter-school competitions.  This is something all ours schools are keen to have to complete a rounded education – each package is £400.

In order to achieve good results in their Primary Leaving Exams, they need a solar panel package so that the top year pupils can study once it is dark.

As you can see from the picture on the right, their kitchen provides little protection against the elements when trying to prepare food.  For £1,750 we can provide a new kitchen, eco-friendly stoves and a wood store attached.  The wood is necessary for cooking and is frequently stolen from schools unless kept locked up.

We are hoping to work with the school in the very near future, funds permitting.


Head Teacher:  Mrs Immaculate Zikoosuka

Number of pupils June 2014:  395 pupils