St Mulumba Namunyumya Mixed Primary School - Iganga

School Motto:  To produce self reliant and well disciplined Citizens

We began working with St Mulumba’s in 2005 and since then the school has gone from strength to strength with significant improvements in their examination performance and enrolment .  The school is very focused on improving standards. The head teacher manages 22 teaching staff and currently they have 1040 pupils of whom 462 are girls and 578 boys.

At present there are 9 teachers living away from the school, so there is a need for 4 new teachers’ houses.  The academic results improve, if the teachers are not spending their day walking to and from the school, which is time that could be spent preparing lessons and marking homework.  We would also like to be able to give the teachers their own latrines and washrooms near to their homes to improve hygiene and self-esteem.  Their present latrines and washrooms are very poor:

The original block of 3 classrooms, known as the missionary block, requires renovating.  The roof leaks, there are no proper windows or doors, the floor lacks cement and the blackboards are poor.  No cement on the floors mean the children frequently suffer from the jiggers parasite which enters their bodies through their feet as few have shoes.  We would very much like to assist with bringing this block up to the standard of the other 13 classrooms.

The school also needs some extra 80 desks as currently 362 pupils have no desks.  They are trying to learn their lessons sitting in the dust which is not conducive to learning.  An extra 20,000 litre water tank would harvest the plentiful rain fall and a donation of some textbooks would also be of huge benefit.

We are hoping to be able to find a donor for this school and we do believe that with some extra investment its results could improve further.  This would mean that more children would be able to benefit from a secondary education, as only those that pass their primary leaving exams are entitled to a free secondary education.  To have to pay means the child would return to the fields and a subsistence life style.

Head Teacher:  Mr Herbert Silver

Number of Pupils in March 2013:  1040