Future Projects – Muguluka Primary School


This large primary school, first founded in 1946, has a lot of very tired, dilapidated buildings, some of which are pictured to the right.

The main priority is the pupil latrines, of which there are 6 blocks, totaling 12 stands for the males and 17 stands for the females. Some need refurbishment and some of the pits need filling in and replacing.  We would like to donate to the school 8 x new girls’ latrines and 8 x new boys’ latrines.  We would also like to refurbish 5 x boys’ and 5 x girls’ latrines, both at a cost of £1,000.

The next stage is to demolish some of the existing staff accommodation and construct new houses as the majority of the present buildings are in very bad condition - see below right.   

We would like to begin with demolishing a block of 3 houses and a block of 4 houses – these would be replaced with 2 blocks of 4 new teachers’ houses, accommodating a minimum of 8 families.  Again please see drawings below right. 

It is so important that the teachers live at the schools as otherwise they are walking many kilometers morning and night which is valuable time that could be spent on preparing and marking lessons.  The total monetary cost would be £17,000 but, by lifting morale of the teachers, the costs would be justified by the promise of academic improvement.

These teachers’ would also need 4 latrines, plus 2 washrooms.  Please see the drawing to below right which shows how we achieve this.

At present the school has enough desks for 700 children, which means that over 300 sit on the dusty dirty ground.  £2,000 would provide 100 x 3-seater desks. 

There is also a severe shortage of textbooks.  Again, £2000 would provide many new books which would greatly assist the teaching of various subjects.

We know that having already provided some assistance, this is a promising school, with an excellent headmaster, and it will improve even further if we can donate some new buildings.  We simply need the funds.



Head Teacher:  Mr Patrick Kakoko

Number of pupils in March 2013:  1048