St Michael Girls Boarding Primary School

School Motto: Discipline and Knowledge is Power

St Michaels is a school that we are planning to help during 2011.  The results of their December 2009 exams were very encouraging – 100% passed in Division 1 or 2 – which is an excellent sign that with a little investment this school could become an even higher achiever.  It is a very good school that provides a good quality education.

There are 21 teachers, 11 are male and 10 are female, of which 16 sleep at the school.  There at 620 pupils of which 470 are day scholars and 150 are boarders.  It appears to be a school that, on the surface, does not really need help.   This is because “Sister T” has worked very hard over the years to put what little funding she has been given, or managed to raise, to good use.

Funds permitting, we would like to renovate various teachers’ houses, for as always in order to attract and keep good teaching staff, you need good quality teachers’ houses. There are 12 houses in the main block which require a total of £6,000 to bring them all up to our normal standard. They all need different degrees of renovation work involving plastering, flooring, walling and roofs.  There are 4 other houses that have asbestos roofs. These need the asbestos removing and disposing of safely, they then need to be completely renovated at a total cost of £1,600.

The school also has a dire problem with latrines.  Only 4 are working and that amongst 620 pupils is not good. Imagine the queue at break time!  Therefore we would like to be able to give them 8 new latrines at a cost of £3,000.

If possible we would also like to supply 2 water tanks to harvest the natural rainwater and supplement the borehole which is also used by the community and thus long queues form particularly at break time. These plastic tanks would cost £1,000 each.  The school would also benefit from 50 new 3-seater desks at £22 each.

We are hoping to start work on renovating the teachers’ houses and supplying 8 new latrines during July 2011.  We are grateful to Jamie Gordon for having organised a Boxing Event in 2009 which has made some of these projects possible.

Head Teacher:  Sister Teopista

Number of Pupils in March 2011:  620