St Michael Girls Boarding Primary School

School Motto: Discipline and Knowledge is Power

St Michaels is situated in the poverty stricken corner of Iganga District, next door to St Mulumbas.  The head teacher, a nun named Sister Teopista, is a wonderful lady who has been at the school for 8 years.  She has done an excellent job under very difficult circumstances, particularly, since St Michaels is a missionary school and as such receives no help from the government.  She is about to retire but will be succeeded by Sister Josephine, who has been well groomed to take over.

Completed Projects:

  • Removal of asbestos roof and renovation of Dining Hall  -  Dec 2009
  • Removal of asbestos roof on Administration Block  -  Jan 2010

Africa Asia Venture, the gap year organisation that Henry should have worked with, has had a long standing connection with the school.  The AV Foundation donated funds, through HvSMF, in order to remove the asbestos roof off the 26’ x 22’ dining hall and replace it with iron sheets.  The work was arranged by Sam Kyana, the HvSMF project manager, and carried out by our team of builders.  It was also agreed to bring the building up to the standard of a new building.  Thus the interior and exterior walls were replastered, the windows replaced, the doors replaced and the concrete floor repaired. The building also needed painting in and out.

We are most grateful to the AV Foundation,, for their contribution and, as you will see from the picture on the right, the project is now complete and the building looks incredibly smart and a big improvement on what it was like a year ago.

Thanks to the contribution made from parents at the school, who donated materials and bricks towards the project, we were able to complete this work under budget.  With the left over funds, we have been able to remove the asbestos roof on the Administration Block and replaced it with iron sheets.  This block contains the staff room, deputy head teacher’s office and one classroom.  (See picture to the right).

When funds become available this is a school that is definitely worth supporting.

Head Teacher:  Sister Teopista

Number of Pupils in March 2011:  620