Matuumu Bumegere Primary School

School Motto:  Determination is the key to Success
School Mission:  To produce children who are mentally, physically, socially and emotionally acceptable in the society

Head teacher, David Ngadu, moved to this government school in 2010 from Kisadhaki Primary School, where we have completed a number of projects. David is a good leader and we are sure that any funding we are able to give Matuumu Buumegere will lead to greatly improved academic results.

The primary school has 379 pupils but, until David took charge, there were only 2 teachers. With the help and support of the District Education Officer, David has already increased the number of teachers to 7 which, in turn, has increased the enrolment to 515.

Even before any plans have been made for potential building projects, David has encouraged the local community to raise funds in anticipation of our charity’s support. This has resulted in the School Management Committee pledging 2000 bricks. He is also seeking assistance from 2 local members of parliament. As he tells us, there are volunteers in abundance to ensure any projects have material, physical and financial support.

The school sits on 25 acres and, at present, it has two uncompleted classrooms.   A third class takes place in the Church.  Thus two classrooms need renovation work and an extra two classrooms need to be built.  There are some poor latrines, no teachers’ houses and lack of a water tank is a problem.

We are visiting this school in March 2011 and, on our return, we will add some photographs to this page.  £20,000 would turn this school around and we hope to start supporting it in early 2012.

Head Teacher:  Mr David Ngadu

Number of pupils in January 2011:  515