Magogo Secondary School

School Motto:  The sky is the Limit

Magogo Secondary School is located close to two of our successful projects at Kawule and Kisadhaki.   Indeed, both schools, plus two other primary schools, send pupils on to Magogo.  When we first visited in March 2010, Magogo was desperately in need of help. 

This is a mixed day school with a young but willing head teacher, Francis Wavamuno, who himself as a boy had been a pupil at Kawule Primary School.  In 1999 the Catholic Church donated 1 acre and the community purchased 1.5 acres, bringing the total plot to 2.5 acres. When we arrived on a Saturday morning, in March 2010, they provided singing and dancing.  The event was supported by local leaders and the School Management Committee (SMC).  The head of the SMC is the Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga MP, the deputy speaker of the Ugandan Parliament.  They showed us their four classrooms, two were under trees, the third was constructed out of wooden poles and banana leaves and the fourth was constructed from mud and wood.  (See photos to the right).  The only permanent buildings were the Catholic Church and the three dilapidated latrines.


Completed projects have included:

  • Construction of 2,5 classroom block, inc office and storeroom  -  2010
  • 35 x 3-seater desks  -  2010
  • Construction of 1 curved ISSB 7000 litre water tank  -  2011
  • Purchase of 2 acres of land – 2011
  • Construction of 2.5 classroom block, inc staffroom – 2011
  • Construction of 4 teachers’ houses – 2011
  • Construction of 8 general latrines – 2011
  • Provision of plastic 10,000 litre water tank – 2011
  • Provision of 40 x 3-seater desks – 2011
  • Supply Textbooks costing £1,000 – 2011
  • Supply 4 teachers’ desks and chairs – 2011
  • Supply bookcase for textbooks - 2011


In October 2010 we started to build a 2.5 classroom block, including an office and storeroom. The community had already collected 30,000 burnt bricks, which was a fantastic achievement and these were used on the foundations.  (see photo right) The walls were constructed using our ISSB machine. You need an office in order to be registered to sit ‘O’level exams.  Previously the students had to go to Bupadhengo Secondary School.  We have also provided a water tank attached to the classrooms, to collect the rain water.  Their closest bore hole is 1.5kms away.  Both these projects are thanks to the Glass family who have donated funds in memory of a special wife/mother who suddenly lost her life to cancer, aged 50. (Please see photo of plaque top right.)

We received another generous donation, which provided 35 much needed 3-seater desks, meaning that approximately 100 pupils will no longer be having lessons sitting on the ground (see photo to right).

With funds received from Zurich Community Trust we were able to provide 4 teachers’ houses and the 8 latrines – (see photos below right).

During 2011 we purchased an extra 2 acres and constructed a further 2.5 classroom block, to include a staffroom, plus a second water tank – again these projects were sponsored by the Glass family.  A family friend provided the remainder of the furniture and textbooks during 2011.

The head teacher is trying to get the school to become part of the Government’s Universal Secondary Education (USE). This is necessary if the school is to survive.  In Uganda the teachers in secondary school are paid from the funds received per pupil from the Government, once part of the USE system.  Francis completed the registration stage in June 2012.  He now needs to complete the application stage.  This is done by completing the paper work and then several visits to Kampala talking to the right people who can assist. It is not an easy process but, luckily, he is being assisted by another of our secondary school heads.

We are very excited about this school.  It has all the hallmarks of a successful future as long as we can gain USE.  We are working with Francis to achieve this.


Head Teacher:  Mr Francis Wavamuno

Number of Students in March 2012:  246