Kisadhaki Primary School

School Motto:  Hard Work Pays

Kisadhaki Primary School is another typical rural Ugandan school.  It is in a remote location and sits on a large site, with development potential for buildings.  The school was founded by the local community in 1998 and had nothing until the government stepped in to build 6 classrooms.  It has come a long way in 12 years.  The previous head teacher, David Ngadu, was a very enthusiastic and energetic man and the enrolment figures increased dramatically under his leadership. 


Completed projects have included:

  • Building a 2 classroom block - 2009
  • Providing 40 x 3-seater desks - 2009
  • Building a 2 classroom block - 2010
  • Providing a 10,000 litre water tank - 2010
  • Providing 10 x 3-seater desks - 2010
  • Building 4 teachers’ houses - 2010
  • Building an 8 latrine block - 2010
  • Purchasing 5 acres – 2011
  • Providing 70 x 3-seater desks – October 2013
  • Completing the kitchen with eco-friendly stoves and new pans – Nov 2013
  • Providing a 20,000 litre ISSB water tank – Jan 2014


The January 2009 projects were completed thanks to funds raised at the The Wibble Event in London, April 2008.


During March 2010 funds were raised by The Volunteer – an organisation founded by Hugo Chittenden –   As a result, we were able to build 2 classrooms, provide 10 x 3 seater desks and a water tank, to harvest the rainwater off the roofs of the new classrooms. Hugo, Chloe Hill and Richard Dunwoody went out to Uganda to film the project.  They lived with the locals in a typical Ugandan homestead, helped with the building work and re-painted two government classrooms and the latrines.  This was a truly wonderful gift and we are very grateful to them.

In 2011, thanks to funds raised in the Chakravarty Polo Cup in 2010, HvSMF was able to purchase 5 acres of adjoining land where the primary school is hoping to construct a nursery school.

During 2013 we completed their kitchen and provided eco-friendly stoves with new pans.  Also we managed to provide a much needed 20,000 litre ISSB water tank.

Emmanuel Mawale arrived at Kisadhaki Primary school as the new head teacher in September 2010.  Since then, he has been working well with the community, the parents, the pupils, the staff and local leaders.  Thus, having given him time to settle in and establish himself, we are now keen to provide further investment in the school.



Head Teacher:  Mr Emmanuel Mawale

Number of Pupils in March 2014: 784