Kisadhaki Primary School

School Motto:  Hard Work Pays

Emmanuel Mawale arrived at Kisadhaki Primary School in September 2010 as the new head master. He has now had time to settle in and prove that he can manage this school.

As a result we would like to provide further investment in the form of renovating some of the present latrines, providing the girls with their own facilities, giving the teachers some latrines and washrooms next to their homes, providing two new water tanks to harvest the rainwater, as the nearest bore hole is 4.5 kilometers away. If possible we would also like to provide the school with their own bore hole as, in the dry season, the children have to walk to collect water when they should be attending lessons.

The school also needs 100 new desks so that 300 children no longer have to sit on the dirty dusty floor where there is a risk of contacting the jiggers parasite. As with all Ugandan schools there is a severe shortage of textbooks for both the teachers and pupils, few teachers’ desks and chairs in the classrooms and the head master’s office needs renovating.

For the “rounded” pupil we would also like to provide a musical instrument package and a sports package, both at a cost of £400.

This is a school that desperately needs our support if we are to progress beyond what was established 3 or 4 years ago.


Head Teacher:  Emmanuel Mawale

Number of Pupils in March 2014:  784