Kiira Public Primary

School Motto: Education Lights

Kiira Public, a government aided school, was started in 2005 as a private school under some poles and tin as a classroom. 

In 2007, Soft Power Education Group,  persuaded by the family of Mr Timothy Mayhew, a resident of Kiira, constructed a 3.5 class room block with an office and store, and an 8 stanza latrine block.   They also provided a 10,000 litre water tank.

In 2011 HYT (HaileyburyYouth Trust Uganda - constructed a permanent kitchen which is cost effective, environmentally friendly and has a store for the wood and maize.

In March 2011 the school became Kiira Public Primary School and was taken over by the government.  In June 2011 the District Education Officer posted James Batoleire to the school as headmaster.  He is an educated and well spoken man who has great pride in his school.  At the time of his arrival in 2011 there were 27 pupils.   In June 2014 there were 367 pupils. Every year the school has gained another class and in 2014 their P7 pupils will sit the school’s first primary leaving exams.

During the past 3 years, little has been done to improve the school even though the numbers are growing.  Tim Mayhew and his wife Eve should have celebrated their diamond wedding in February 2014.  Tragically, Tim died just before the date.  Thus, in his memory, we are hoping to construct a further 3 classrooms.  The money has been partly raised by Helen Goddard, herself a past employee of HYT, when she ran in the London marathon in 2014 and partly by Jo Wilson another London marathon 2014 runner. Many of the local residents near Jinja have all donated in memory of Tim Mayhew.

At some stage we would also like to give them 8 further latrines as it is not ideal to find boys and girls sharing latrines – for this we need £2,500.  There are about 90 children who do not have a desk.  Thus, to solve that problem, we would need to purchase 30 x 3-seater desks at a cost of £600.  As with every school, textbooks for the teachers and children are in very short supply and any donation, however small, would be much appreciated.

The school has won the sub country inter school music cup and also won the sub county inter school athletics.  Thus it would be wonderful if we could give them our musical instrument package and sports package – both costing £400.

It is a special request from the Mayhew family that HvSMF should support this school.  We are willing to do this and look forward to giving it the necessary construction work to ensure that it flourishes. 

As of August 2014 work has commenced with the foundations being dug for a four classroom block, which will ultimately give the school 7 permanent classrooms, one for each year.


Head Teacher:  Mr James Batoleire

Number of Pupils in July 2014:  367 pupils