Kifuyo Primary School

School Motto:  Hard Work Pays
School Mission:  To produce literate, self-reliant and God loving Citizens

We first visited this school in March 2010 and were impressed by the clean site, the happy children and hard working staff.  In total it has 12 classrooms, of which we have renovated 2.  We are now keen to assist further and, should funds become available, we would like to renovate the 4 classroom block, which includes the school hall, and the three x 2 classroom blocks.  In total we would need £5,700 in order to achieve this.

At present only one teacher resides at the school.  In order to retain and recruit quality staff, schools need to provide accommodation on site.  This means that the teachers are not wasting time walking to and from school, valuable time that could be spent preparing or marking lessons.  There are 16 teachers presently teaching at the school.  Thus, we would like to construct a minimum of 4 new teachers’ houses and renovate the head teacher’s house at a total cost of £10,700.  We would also like to provide 4 teachers’ latrines and 2 teachers’ washrooms and two 20,000 litre ISSB water tanks.  The school has a bore hole which, during the dry season, does not provide sufficient water.  We would like to harvest the rain water from the roofs of school buildings.

Nearly half the pupils have no seats which makes their learning quite difficult.  100 x 3-seater desks would cost £2,000 and we are sure the academic results would improve as a consequence.  Sitting on the dirty, dusty ground, with an exercise book perched on your knee, is not conducive to learning. It also invites the Jiggers parasite which is very prevalent at this school.  For more information on Jiggers please click here.

If possible, we would also like to donate 8 x girls’ latrines and, renovate some of the existing latrines, which need urgent attention.   This is a large school and there are not enough latrines which is a major health problem.

This school looks after its children and nearly two thirds bring maize so that they can have a cup of porridge at school.  The outcome of this is better academic results as hungry children under perform.  We are keen to support this school during 2013.


Head Teacher: Mr Amisi Kibira

Number of Pupils in March 2012: 1116