Kifuyo Nursery School

School Motto:  Hard Work Pays
School Mission:  To produce literate, self-reliant and God loving Citizens

The Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund first visited Kifuyo Secondary in March 2008 and constructed the first project in 2009.  We first visited Kifuyo Primary School in March 2010, completing the first project in 2011.  We now feel that the area would benefit from a nursery school, constructed within the grounds of the primary school.

The primary school established a nursery school in 2012 and, since then, the children have been using one of the primary school classrooms.  There are now 19 children in the baby class, 34 in the middle and 26 in the top.  If we were to construct a nursery block of 3 classrooms, an office and storeroom, this would give back to the primary school one of their classrooms, and thus reduce class sizes, and it would also give the very young children a chance to learn in an environment away from older children, conducive to pre-school children.

To the right, you can see what this block will look like. Please CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLOOR PLAN. The cost is £10,000. 

Alongside this, we would like to provide 8 x nursery latrines, 30 nursery 3-seater desks, some teacher desks and chairs, plus shelves and a cupboard, playground equipment, text books, teaching aids and fencing.  The total cost will be just under £5,000.

NB: All of the photographs featured on this page are from other nursery schools we support. We would love Kifuyo to have the same opportunites.

We intend starting work on this project as soon as funds become available.


Head Teacher: Mr Amisi Kibira

Number of Pupils in September 2015:  53