Kifuyo Secondary School

School Motto: Commitment yields success.

Kifuyo Secondary School is located in south east Uganda, in an area that is rural, remote and neglected.  We first visited the school in 2008 and have watched it grow and achieve success in its’ enrolment and in its leavers’ exams.  However, this school, which we started from almost scratch, has many challenges so needs major investment.

Their biggest challenge is the lack of latrines.  The boys and girls have to share, which is unhygienic and means the older girls stay at home for part of each month.  Therefore we desperately need to give the girls their own facilities.

We are also keen to build the girls a single dormitory - see photo to right, with a matron’s room attached and provide a washroom nearby, along with a water tank.  All of this would mean that the girls would hopefully be able to concentrate more on their studies.

As well as the above the school needs a further 4 teachers houses, as there are 19 teachers and presently only 5 can live at the school. See drawing to right.  In the future, another 2 classrooms, plus staffroom, are needed as on average there are 76 students per class and numbers continue to grow. In the future the school would like to be able to offer A’levels so would need the extra classrooms.

A bore hole within the school grounds would be much appreciated costing £5000.  Also in order that the students are well prepared for the 0’level examinations the school needs a further 8 solar panels and 10 computers at a cost of just under £5,000. The school has a shortage of textbooks and science equipment - £3,000 is needed to supply sufficient material.. 

This is a school that we would very much like to support during 2015 and so will be actively looking for sufficient funds.


Head Teacher:  Lydia Nabwire

Number of Students in July 2014:  303