Kifuyo Secondary School

School Motto: Commitment yields success.

Kifuyo Secondary School is located in the very poor Namayingo district.  It is the only secondary school in the sub-county for 15 miles.  It started as a church project in 2008 and a 4 acre site was donated by St John’s Chapel, Buyinja Sub County.  Secondary education is vital and the 30 mile round trip deters many students from completing their education.

When we arrived at the school in early 2008, the only classroom for the 20 students was the temporary structure, of some tarpaulin supported by wooden poles, as you see in the picture on the right.  Thanks to the Wibble Event in London in April 2008, we were able to provide 2 classrooms, a water tank and a block of 8 latrines.  The community helped by digging the pit and contributing some materials. We then completed the project. (See photos on right).

Completed projects have included:

  • Construction of 2 Classroom Block, with office and store room - 2009
  • Provision of 30 new desks, book cupboard and text books - 2009
  • Provision of 10,000 litre plastic water tank - 2009
  • Construction of  8 general latrines - 2009
  • Construction of 2 new classrooms - 2010
  • Provision of 30 x 3-seater desks and head teacher’s desk and chair - 2010
  • Construction 1.5 classrooms as science lab and prep room - 2012
  • Provision of lab furniture and equipment – 2012
  • Construction of 2.5 classrooms as library, classroom and head teacher’s office – 2013
  • Provision of 50 x single seater desks - 2013
  • Provision of staff desks and chairs and library furniture - 2013
  • Construction 4 x teachers’ houses - 2013
  • Construction of 4 x teachers’ latrines and 2 x teachers’ washrooms - 2013
  • Construction of 20,000 litre ISSB water tank – 2013
  • Provision of further science equipment - 2013
  • Provision of sports equipment and musical instruments - 2013
  • Provision of solar panels – 2013
  • Provision of 30 x single desks and 10 lab stools - 2014

In April 2009 Laura McGowan and Harry Savory ran in the London Marathon and, thanks to the funds that they raised, we built 2 new classrooms.  During this time the school then had four permanent classrooms, one for each year of students, thus they will no longer need to use the makeshift building seen on the right.  This meant that parents were keen to support the school and thus the enrolment figures continued to increase.


In 2012 thanks to Ruth Smither, we were able to provide a new classroom to be used as a science lab, plus a prep room.  See picture on the right.  Anna Mikhailova raised the funds necessary in order to provide tables, stools and science equipment.  We are tremendously grateful to both donors.

During 2013, we were able to provide the 2.5 classroom block as seen on the right, with the solar panels above the head teacher’s office.  We also furnished the library, see right, and provided desks and chairs in each classroom for the teachers.

The other achievement was 4 new houses to accommodate the teachers on site with their own latrines and washrooms plus water tank.  All of this is very important if the school is to attract and keep the best quality teachers.  Indeed the head teacher, Lydia Nabwire, now lives at the school in one of the houses.

Also we were able to give the school some sports equipment and some musical instruments.  Both of these packages ensure that the school can now compete in local inter-school competitions.

In January 2011, Lydia became the head teacher, having been the deputy head for a year. She is very keen to promote her school and worked hard to secure Universal Secondary Education (USE) funding from the Ugandan Government which she achieved in 2013.  The leavers are now able to sit their O level exams at the school, as since 2014 it has become a registered “sitting centre”.  This means students don’t have to go to other secondary schools and pay to sit their exams.  Indeed other students have to pay Kifuyo SS for using their facilities when sitting their exams, which gains much needed extra funds for the school.

Lydia has shown herself to be a leader, very hard working, well liked within the community and, indeed, has the support of the church and local leaders.  We are keen to support the school further as soon as funds are available.


Head Teacher:  Lydia Nabwire

Number of Students in July 2014: 303