Kawule Nursery School

School Motto:  Education Pays

During 2011 and 2012 the Primary School opened a nursery section and 35 children immediately registered.  As these children were occupying one of the primary school classrooms we realised that we needed to raise funds for an official nursery school to be provided.

The Kawule Nursery School building was completed in December 2012 thanks to Georgina Elliott who ran in the 2012 London Marathon and raised enough funds to purchase 1.5 acres of land adjacent to the primary school, so that the nursery school could be built.  She also raised enough money for the building of 4 nursery latrines.  Please see photos to the right.  HvSMF is extremely grateful to Georgina.

Completed projects have included:

  • Construction of 3 classroom Nursery School – 2012
  • Construction of 4 nursery latrines – 2012
  • Provision of 15 x 3-seater desks – 2012
  • Provision of 20,000 litre ISSB water tank – 2013

This donation has made a huge difference, having provided 3 nursery school classrooms.   It is so important that children start learning at a young age.

Head Teacher:  Mr Patrick Mazinga

Number of Pupils in March 2012:  35