Kasambira Primary School

School Motto:  Education is the Light

Having renovated 11 classrooms in 2011, we now need to look after the 26 teachers.  The school has a serious teacher accommodation problem.

There is a block of 3 houses and a block of 4 houses, both desperately need renovation.  – (the 4 block is pictured right).  We would also need to provide 4 teachers’ latrines and 2 teachers’ washrooms, nearby.  You can see their present washrooms, (again see photo below right), they are awful.  Without proper facilities it is almost impossible to recruit and retain good staff.  If they are unable to sleep at the school, they waste many hours walking to and from the school, time that could be spent planning lessons, marking books etc.

Unfortunately, the head teacher’s house is a short distance away from other teacher houses, please see site plan below right, which makes it vulnerable to being broken into.  Thus, we would propose, constructing a further 4 new teachers’ houses, plus teachers’ latrines and washrooms, where the broken head teacher’s latrine is at present.

With over 1000 pupils there is always a need for extra latrines.  There are 4 latrines that have been started by the parents, but due to a lack of funds, these are unfinished - see photo at top right.) A donation of £750 would complete these.

There are two blocks, each of two classrooms, that both need renovation, see photo bottom right.  At present, one room in each block is being used as a dormitory. There are no beds for the few boarders, thus they sleep on the floor.  Metal bunk beds each cost £35 and it would be fantastic if we could give 20 beds for the boys and 20 beds for the girls, at a cost of £1,400.  Each block would cost £3,700 to bring them up to our normal standard.

The school also has a severe desk shortage with approximately 600 children having no desks.  A donation of 100 desks costing £2,000 would certainly ease the problem.

This is a good school that, with more assistance from HvSMF, we feel could perform even better.  They have a wonderful head mistress, she is an excellent leader and very capable.  She started at the Kasambira Primary School in March 2012 and we are keen to support her and will be looking for extra funds for the school during 2013.



Head Teacher:  Mrs Erivaidha Nambi

Number of Pupils in March 2012:  1138