Kasambira Primary School

School Motto:  Education is the Light

Kasambira Primary School was founded as early as 1947 under the Church of Uganda and it is a government aided school.  It is a large school with an excellent headmistress which desperately needs some financial help.  They currently have 551 boys and 587 girls.  There are 150 boarders, the majority of whom have no beds and sleep on the dusty floor, (see photo right).

The school has seventeen classrooms, but in 2010 only six classrooms were fully completed.  11 classrooms were in a very bad state and needed serious attention.  There were holes in the roof, holes in the blackboard, no floors just dust, no doors, in fact the classrooms were just shells.  As usual this created a major jiggers problem. For more information on Jiggers please click here.


Completed Projects have included:

  • Renovation of 6 classroom block  - 2011
  • Renovation of 5 classroom block  – 2011
  • Renovation of head teacher’s house  – 2011
  • Construction of 8 boys’ latrines – 2011
  • Supply 19 x 3-seater desks – 2011
  • Supply 40 x 3-seater desks - 2012


The school desperately needed new latrines.  There was only one working pit latrine for over 1000 pupils, which, as you can imagine, is woefully inadequate.  The parents had dug three further pit latrines but lacked the money to complete them.  Thanks to Rob and Anna Swan we were able to donate 8 new latrines (see photo to the right and the plaque directly below.)



Teachers’ accommodation is another serious problem. We managed to renovate the head teacher’s house during 2011 – but there are 7 more houses needing renovation.  We would also need to provide some new houses.

Thanks to various donations from Professor Victor Humphrey, who has visited the school twice, we have been able to supply 59 x 3-seater desks.  We are very grateful for his support.

The SMC (School Management Committee) and the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) are well organised and very willing to support any projects.  Therefore, this is a school that we would definitely like to continue to assist in the future, funds permitting. 



Head Teacher:  Mrs Erivaidha Nambi

Number of Pupils in March 2012:  1138