Jaami Primary School

We last worked with this school in 2013.  Since then we have been watching the school to ensure that it has increased its enrolment and maintained its academic results.  We have a particular interest in this school because it is situated in a very impoverished and remote area, yet always surprises us with its endeavour and enthusiasm.  We now feel it is the right time to support the school further.

Most importantly we would like to construct 8 new latrines for the girls and then renovate the present latrines.  This would mean that boys and girls would no longer need to share, thus encouraging the older girls, in particular, to come to school.

Should funds become available we would like to construct an extra 2 classrooms, plus a staffroom.  At present the teachers have nowhere to meet, mark homework, prepare lessons etc, plus extra classrooms would mean that the two largest years could be streamed.  On average there are 78 pupils in each classroom.

The area is extremely dry and water is very short.  The school would be delighted to receive a bore hole if funds permit.  If not, an extra 20,000 litre water tank, which captures water off the roofs during the rainy season, would help to provide extra water for hand washing and cooking.  Plus they need textbooks, a desk and chair for the teachers in each classroom, book shelves and a lockable cupboard.  At present over 120 children are not sitting at a desk, instead they are on the dirty, dusty floor, which is not conducive to learning.

We would also like to be able to provide some solar power so that the top year can study later in the evenings in preparation for the leaving exams in November.   The school would love the sports package and musical package (both pictured below) as then they would be able to take part in inter-school competitions.  Jaami Primary School has always impressed us with their enthusiasm for dance and song.  An opportunity to start a school orchestra would not be wasted and it only costs £400 to provide the instruments.

We very much hope that we will be able to work with this school again in the near future.


Head Teacher:  Mr Samuel Mwiima

Number of Pupils in March 2015:  550 Pupils