Buwoya Muslim Primary School

Early in 2013 we purchased an extra 1.5 acres of land, behind the classrooms at this school.  We are now in a position of having enough land to construct 4 further teachers’ houses as there are 10 teachers and presently only four reside at the school.  In 2013 we gave the school teachers’ latrines and washrooms, which are essential in order to retain good teaching staff.

The lack of water is a large problem at this school, as the nearest bore hole is 2kms away. Thus many hours are wasted walking to and fro, valuable time when children could be learning.  We would like to donate 2 x 20,000 litres, ISSB, water tanks, at a cost of £1,250 each.

The school has a total of 113 3-seater desks, thus approx 100 children have no desk.  They probably sit on the floor using a brick as a seat and with their books perched on their knees.  This is not conducive to learning.  It is also a health hazard as they can be infected by the jiggers parasite 35 desks would transform their learning at a cost of £700.  As with the majority of schools, there is a severe shortage of textbooks.  We would like to donate £2.000 towards these.

The latrines at the school need some assistance, (see photo right).  The boys’ 8 stanzas require refurbishment at a cost of £1,000,  The 5 stanzas also require £500, in order to bring them both up to our normal standard.  The final 4 need to be demolished and replaced by 8 new girls’ latrines, so that the boys and girls can have their own facilities.  This is something that the district education officer is encouraging in all schools.

The school has performed well in district atheletic competitions, so we are keen to give them our sports package. Our musical instrument package is also proving to be extremely popular.  Both are available for £400 and further details can be found on our 'what your money buys' page.

The school is also keen to start a nursery school to help with the early development of the child.  £10,000 would provide a three classroom block, plus office. The head teacher assures us that there is a need and that he already has 120 children attending and using one of the primary school classrooms.

This is a school that we are keen to support.  The head master is enthusiastic about his school, the community support the school and, with some input from ourselves, we feel that this school will be able to perform even better.


Head Teacher:  Mr Hassan Mbadhi

Number of Pupils in August 2014:  444 pupils