Buwoya Muslim Primary School

Buwoya Primary School is a very poor Muslim School which until 2007 had no classrooms for the 400 children attending.  Muslim schools often miss out on funding from the Christian dominated local government.  The result is that children have their lessons on the ground under the shade of trees, (See photo to right).

Thanks to The Wibble Event in London in April 2008, we were able to complete 4 new classrooms and build 8 latrines, to replace the squalid block which the children were forced to use, by September 2008.  The then head teacher, Mrs Monica Islamabuga, mobilised the community members to contribute over 15,000 bricks towards the project and to provide voluntary labour to assist our builders with unskilled tasks such as fetching water.  This helped to keep costs down and made the community feel that the project ‘belongs’ to them.

Completed projects have included:

  • Construction of a  new four classroom block - 2008
  • Construction of a 8 stanza latrine block - 2008
  • Provision of  20 x 3-seater desks – 2009
  • Construction of 4 teachers’ houses – 2010
  • Construction of a 10,000 litre ISSB Water Tank – 2011
  • Purchase of 1.5 acres – 2013
  • Construction of 4 teachers’ latrines and 2 teachers’ washrooms – 2013
  • Provision of 50 x 3-seater desks - 2014



Between 2008 and 2009 enrolment increased by 27%, thanks to the new buildings.  During 2009, thanks to a donation from Eversheds LLP, we were able to give the school 20 x 3 seater desks. In April 2009, as a result of the new classrooms and improved enrolment the government provided 4 additional teachers, which made a fundamental improvement to the school and quality of education.

In 2010 we constructed 4 new teachers’ houses thanks to funds raised by Christopher Foyle, one of Henry’s best friends, and Alexander Puxley, who both ran in the London Marathon.  Also we constructed a 10,000 litre ISSB water tank thanks to funds raised by Hugo McMullen and Fergus Wilson, who ran a half marathon in September 2009 on behalf of HvSMF.  We are very grateful to the many friends that sponsored these four runners.


At the end of 2011 the school’s PLE results were excellent, probably as a result of the improved facilities given to them through the HvSMF.   The school also won our Pan African Conservation Education (PACE) project 1st prize for their innovative kitchen stove, saving on firewood, thus protecting the environment.

In 2013 we bought 1.5 acres of adjoining land to the school.  Now that we have acquired the land, we have been able to build some teachers latrines and washrooms, see photo right, and hopefully soon we will be able to provide the school with more teachers’ houses and possibly a nursery school.

The head teacher is a hard working and enthusiastic young man and the school results are good and have improved under his leadership.  He is a sports science graduate and as a result the school has a strong sports programme.  However, he is lacking materials and requires assistance with goal posts, netball posts, volley ball nets etc. Our sports package costs £400 and we are hoping to find a donor soon. During 2014 the school participated in district athletics competitions and they came second out of 15 schools which is excellent.

This is a school that we look forward to supporting again in the near future.


Head Teacher:  Mr Hassan Mbadhi

Number of Pupils in August 2014:  444 pupils