Butansi Primary School

School Motto: Knowledge is Power – Produce your Makers not your Seekers

This school is a government aided primary school situated on a big site which includes the Church.  It was founded in 1902 by the Church of Uganda and taken over by the government in 1983.  It now has an enrolment of 614 pupils, with 12 teachers.  When David, the Head Teacher, arrived in 2010, the enrolment was only 150 so he has done a fantastic job encouraging the local community to support his school.  The parents are interested in their school and they contribute the little they can to improve the facilities.

There are two blocks of classrooms.  One block of three classrooms, built by the government in 2005, is in good condition.  The second block was built by Action Aid in the mid 1990s.  It has 4 classrooms and an office – but the building comprised just walls and a roof.  It had no windows, doors or plaster and the blackboards had holes in them.  As the classroom floors were not screeded, the school had a major Jiggers problem, the Chigoe flea, entering the childrens’ bodies.  For more information on Jiggers please click here. Thanks to a large donation, during 2012 we renovated the block and, this should eradicate the jiggers problem and, make a big difference to the quality of the learning environment.

There were no teachers’ houses at the school which makes it difficult to retain good teachers.  They all have to bicycle a long distance to school which is time that could be spent on marking books, planning lessons etc.

Again, thanks to the same donor, we have constructed 4 teachers’ houses, plus provided them with latrines and washrooms and a 20,000 litre ISSB water tank.  All of this should greatly help the school as now the teachers will be on time for their lessons and will have more time for preparation and marking.  We are very grateful to the donor.

Thus completed projects include:

  • Renovation of 4 classroom block, inc office – 2012
  • Built 4 teachers’ houses – 2012
  • Built 4 teachers latrines & 2 teachers’ washrooms – 2012
  • Supplied 40 x 3-seater desks – 2012

The 40 desks were supplied by Children of Uganda (UK) – BSUF – www.buyemba.org and we are very grateful for their donation.

We will now watch this school and see whether, due to our involvement, the enrolment increases and the academic results improve before we support them again.

Head Teacher:  Mr David Tutyo

Number of pupils in March 2012:  614