Busuuli Primary School

School Motto:  Aim for the Success

Having not supported this school since 2012 we now feel that further support would help transform this school.  Their enrolment is increasing and their academic results are improving under the present head teacher, who has been at the school for three years and obviously has the support of the local community.

Early in 2014 we bought an extra half acre of land and it is is here that we would like to construct 4 teachers’ houses, plus 4 teachers’ latrines and 2 teachers’ washrooms at a cost of £9,000.  The school has 15 teachers, supplied by the government, and only 5 are able to reside at the school.  Extra housing and improved hygiene facilities will mean that more teachers are living on site and not spending valuable time walking to and from school when they could be preparing lessons, marking homework etc.

As a result of our initial support, the pupil numbers have grown and thus there is a need for a further 2 classrooms, plus staffroom, so that two of the years can be streamed.  At the moment there is an average of 88 pupils in each classroom and nowhere for teachers to work when not in the classroom.

As always, lack of water is a problem.  There is a bore hole close to the school but that is shared by the local community and during the dry season it is empty.  Therefore we would like to supply a 20,000 litre ISSB water tank close to the teachers’ accommodation. 

The school has a shortage of pupil latrines and thus we would like to donate 8 x girls’ stanzas and 8 x boys’ stanzas.  There is a shortage of desks with 315 pupils sitting on the ground having to balance a book on their knees.  100 x 3-seater desks would cost £2,000.  Textbooks are always in short supply as the government changes the syllabus frequently and fails to supply the  textbooks.  Again £2,000 is needed here.

We are very keen to support this school as soon as possible as, with our help, their results will hopefully improve even further.


Head Teacher:  Mr Erisa Lyagoba

Enrolment in March 2014:  612 pupils