Busuuli Primary School

School Motto:  Aim for the Success

Busuuli is typical of many rural schools.  The government built four good classrooms and the community were left to build the three additional classrooms needed to accommodate the school’s 7 classes.  Lack of money meant that these classrooms were constructed out of wood and mud which, by 2008, were falling to pieces.  Termites had eroded the wooden posts and chunks of the mud walls were missing.  (See photos to right).

Thanks to a donation by The Ultimate Travel Company in 2008, we took down the old wood and mud classroom and built a new three classroom block. (See photo to right.)  The local community donated 25,000 bricks and agreed to provide our team of builders with physical help and lunch every day.

Completed Projects have included:

  • Built a new 3 classroom block - 2008
  • Provided a 10,000 litre plastic water tank  - 2008
  • Bought land adjoining for sports field - 2010
  • Built 4 teachers’ houses - 2011
  • Renovated the head yeacher’s house - 2012
  • Bought half an acre near the teachers’ quarters - 2014

We are indebted to The Ultimate Travel Company (www.ultimatetravelcompany.co.uk) for their generous sponsorship of this project.  We also congratulate the local community for their cooperation which ensured the project was completed in only 10 weeks, by early December 2008.  As a result of the new classrooms being built, the pupil enrolment increased by 120 in just one year. 

In Feb 2010 we were able to purchase some land adjoining the school which nearly doubled the school plot.  We used the land, 130 ft x 400 ft, as a sports field, and during 2011 we constructed 4 teachers’ houses at the far end.  We are very grateful for the support of Mr Phil Crudge, of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Penrith, who donated the funds to purchase the land.

Thanks to the funds raised in 2010 by George Dennis, Ian Craig and Jecca Craig, we were able to give the school 4 new teachers’ houses, see right.  Plus we renovated the head teacher’s house, (see old and new photos), thanks to funds raised by Sarah Price in the 2011 London Marathon.  Without the help of these generous supporters, we could not have been able to complete these projects.  The school, parents, pupils and local community are very grateful.

In April 2014 a member of the PTA (Parents Teacher Association) agreed to sell half an acre of land, near to the teachers’ quarters, for £1,625.  The deal allowed his children to be schooled free. This shows that the school has had to contribute to the sale.

The school operates a good food programme ensuring that all pupils are giving porridge, poshu and beans during the day.  This obviously assists with their education as a hungry child is not going to learn. (See below):

The exam results of the school are improving, the enrolment numbers are growing, attendance is good and therefore we feel the time is now right to give this school our further support.



Head Teacher:  Mr Erisa Lyagoba

Enrolment in March 2014:  612 pupils