Busesa Primary School

School Motto:  Today’s Action Brings Tomorrow’s Success

The head teacher, Rose Moiti, has now been head of this school for two years, having previously been one of the deputies.  She has been praised nationally as one of the best primary school head teachers in the country and the enrolment at the school has increased as a result.  She has the support of the community, the local leaders and the parent teachers association.  Thus we would like to support this school, so that it can become an even better school.

We want to donate a further 4 teachers’ houses, plus 4 teachers’ latrines and 2 teachers’ washrooms.  In total, these will cost about £9,000.  It is essential for a school to have its staff living on the site.  If teachers’ accommodation and hygiene facilities are provided, the school is more likely to be able to recruit and retain excellent staff. Also, at this school, there are over 300 boarders and for the care and support of the children, it is essential to have teachers living at the school.

There are two temporary classrooms, which need to be replaced with 2 permanent classrooms and a deputy head teacher’s office.  Properly constructed, this would cost £9,300.

A couple of 20,000 litre water tanks would provide extra water for the school.  There is a bore hole, but in the dry season often there is no water, plus it also requires 100 more 3-seater desks and many new text books.  There is a shortage of latrines for both the boys and girls.  If we were to build 8 for both, the total cost would be £5,000.

In 2013, the school opened a nursery school, using one of the primary school classrooms, to encourage the smaller children to start learning early.  This has been a success and now the numbers attending, split into three classes, are 60.  This figure is growing.  Therefore, we want to be able to give the school a free standing nursery block, costing £10,000, followed by its own latrines, water tank and playground.  We are actively looking for a donor.

We wish to work with this school in the near future.  Its results are very good and, thus, with some extra funding, I am sure that these will improve further.



Head Teacher: Mrs Rose Moiti

Number of pupils in March 2014:  962