Busesa Primary School

School Motto:  Today’s Action Brings Tomorrow’s Success

Busesa is a government aided mixed primary school, founded by the Church of Uganda in 1934.  The school is located in south east Uganda, 11 kms east of Iganga, near the village of Busesa  The area is green and fertile with many banana plantations.
The school has 962 pupils, equally split male and female, and there are 24 highly qualified teachers, plus four private teachers. The school has 16 classrooms, of which, one has been split into two and is being used as a nursery school.  They have 180 female boarders and 130 male boarders.    Their standard of education is high and their end of year results excellent.    

Completed projects have included:

  • Renovation of 2 classrooms, including an assembly hall – 2012
  • Construction of 4 teachers’ houses - 2012

Funding for both these projects was donated by Nick O’Donohoe, the father of Alexandra, an Africa Venture volunteer, www.aventure.co.uk, who taught at the school from Jan – May 2011.

In March 2012, George Tigawalana left the school and has been promoted to the post of Senior Inspector of Schools – Iganga District.  This means that he is still around locally, and able to continue assisting HvSMF in our 3 Iganga district primary schools.  The present head teacher is his wife, Rose Moiti.  Rose has recently been acknowledged as one of the best primary school head teachers in the country.  The standard of education at the school is high and their end of year results are excellent.  As a result the enrolment figures have increased.

The school has many challenges – it is large, with numerous buildings, some of which require renovation work and the temporary classrooms need to be replaced. We would very much like to support this school again in the near future.

Head Teacher: Mrs Rose Moiti

Number of pupils in March 2014:  962