Bupadhengo Secondary School

School Motto:  Education is a Necessity

Bupadhengo Secondry is a remarkable school which has improved beyond belief since 2004 when it had virtually nothing and only 6 students. Thus, we are keen to continue our support and watch it grow in numbers and achievement.

The school is also suffering from over-crowding in the girls’ 2 x dormitories.  There are now 221 female boarders and there are over 100 in each of the present rooms.  This is unacceptable.  At the same time, 5 extra girls’ latrines and a washroom, are necessary for their hygiene, which for developing girls is of paramount importance.

At the moment the school only has 7 teachers’ houses, which means that 8 teachers are living away from the school.  Thus valuable teaching time is taking up with walking to and from the school.  If funds became available for four new teachers’ houses this would help to alleviate the problem.

We would also like to donate a 20,000 litre water tank to catch the rain falling of the new 4.5 classroom block roof.  For this we need funds of £1,500.

Even though this secondary school has received substantial help from HvSMF, we would still like to continue to donate facilities, in order that, it’s academic results improve further.



Head Teacher:  Mr Robert Mukisa

Number of Pupils in March 2012:  615