Bupadhengo Mother's Union Nursery School

One of the biggest challenges in Ugandan primary education is overcoming the limited basic knowledge pupils have, due to a lack of nursery education.  The basic knowledge taught to children at nursery school helps pupils make the most of their primary education.  In the more remote and rural areas of Uganda, nursery education is almost non-existent.  We worked with the Mother’s Union and the community to build Bupadhengo Nursery School in 2006.

Completed projects have included:

  • 2 classroom nursery school  -  2006
  • Nursery latrines  -  2007, replaced in 2012
  • Fencing of entire Nursery School – 2009, replaced in 2012
  • Provision of playground equipment  -  2010
  • Provision of writing slates and chalks  -  2010
  • Refurbishment of school kitchen - 2012
  • 4 nursery latrines – 2012
  • 20,000 litre ISSB water tank – 2012
  • Fencing of entire Nursery School - 2012

We are very grateful for funds raised by Pat Proud which enabled us to fence the nursery school playground in September 2009, so that small children can play in a safe environment, without being intimidated or bullied by older children.  She also provided funds to purchase some playground equipment, something that the children very rarely see.  As well as, some writing slates and chalks, which the nursery children were very excited about and delighted to use.  (see photos on the right)

In 2012 we had to replace the fencing, as we had underestimated the strength of the wire and posts needed in order to secure the site.  We have also had to replace the 2007 latrines as an anthill appeared underneath, so these had to be closed.  Both of these projects were sponsored by St James’s Place Foundation. We are very grateful to them for their support which, has also included refurbishment of the school kitchen, which is vital if the children are to receive a meal whilst at school. Please CLICK HERE for further details regarding St James's Place Foundation.

The parents of the children in Form 1A and 1B of Eaton House The Manor Girls’ School, in London, who walked two miles around Clapham Common, the same distance as most Ugandans walk for water, donated money enough money for HvSMF to donate a 20,000 litre ISSB water tank in 2012.

We have also donated some wood folding doors to divide class 1 and 2.  Class 3 is in a separate room, and we have added extra security bars to the windows to stop older school children squeezing through and removing the teaching aids. 

We hope that all these improvements will encourage more parents to support their nursery school during 2013.

Above and right: With funds raised by Pat Proud, we have just purchased some writing slates and chalks which the nursery children are very excited and grateful for.

The Principal:  Rev Paul Naguyo

Number of pupils in March 2012:  80