Bupadhengo Mother's Union Nursery School

The Nursery school continues to make good progress.  Unfortunately the government does not help with nursery education.  Thus the small fees charged have to cover the cost of the teachers, which means that it is difficult to recruit and retain good teachers.

The enrolment remains good although there is scope for this to increase.  The difficulty being that the parents, who themselves are possibly uneducated, do not understand the importance of a nursery education and, are also reluctant to travel long distances with their children. 

At present, the parents are paying 10,000 UGX, approximately £2.50, per child, per term.  They also are requested to provide 3kgs of maize and 1kg of sugar, per child, which goes towards their only meal.  Thus enrolment fluctuates because parents have little money to pay for nursery education.

We continue to work closely with the community to promote the school.


The Principal:  Rev Paul Naguyo

Number of pupils in March 2012:  80